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Learn how our ordinary everyday lives can be our most vital spiritual practice!

life beyond belief, everyday living as spiritual practice

The central theme in Life Beyond Belief is that everyday life with all its pleasures and discomforts is our spiritual life in very precise ways. Even in the “worst” of circumstances, our lives are offering us specific support for bringing awakening to any beliefs or conditioned patterns that remain as disturbances to a life of ease and freedom.

Once spiritual awakening of any description has occurred, the central question can become “How can what has been realized now directly inform all the nitty-gritty content of everyday life?”  To read Life Beyond Belief is to share one person’s experience in living this question.

This personal book gives an honest, sincere and human account of the many stages of this process, as the awakened awareness flows back into the heart of worldly life. The book speaks in a personal way to the reader about how it all works in this present-moment reality, and how we may view EVERYTHING that happens in the course of our daily lives as an assist to the awakening available to each of us in the present moment.

The book is not written from the stance of any particular religion or tradition, but presents a way of using whatever religion or tradition you like as you penetrate more and more deeply into the everday experience that you are already having. The book draws deeply on the influence of Alice's main teachers, Eckhart Tolle, author of "The Power of Now" and Adyashanti, author of "Emptyness Dancing" and "True Meditation".

life beyond belief, everyday living as spiritual practice

Alice, in October of 2002, found herself radically transformed after a retreat with spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle. After over 30 years of exploring the spiritual path, this was a complete end of the spiritual search. It turned out to also be the beginning of a new and vital exploration about how to fully live that realization while in the very human moments of everyday life. 

Throughout her life, Alice has been influenced particularly by teachers Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and Richard Moss, and by having lived at the Findhorn Foundation from 1977-84. She has two grown children and lives and works in the Bay Area of California.

life beyond belief, everyday living as spiritual practice

"In this wide-ranging account rooted in profound personal experience, Alice Gardner takes the reader on a journey of penetrating significance. It ends up where all such journeys inevitably invite us to travel - deep into the lived experience of love. Thus, she provides a wonderful guidebook for your own such journey."  

Mark Brady, Ph.D. author, A Little Book of Parenting Skills and The Wisdom of Listening.


The book is available now with an official publication date of February 14, 2008.

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"While Gardner clearly draws on Eastern traditions in her exposition, she writes as a child of the West (not as an imitator of the East).  Her writing is about the exotic but the everyday.  As I read the book there were many points where I felt the resonances of biblical tradition and could insert my own Christian terminology for the reality she was describing.  I suspect people from still other religious traditions could do the same.  Gardner is writing in the mystical tradition which historically has crossed the boundaries of various faith communities"

MB Handspicker, Professor of Theology, Emeritus, Andover Newton Theological School

life beyond belief, everyday living as spiritual practice

The Table of Contents:


   Chapter 1: The Value of Our Stories…
   Chapter 2: My Story…

   Chapter 3: What is meant by Awakening?...
   Chapter 4: Living from Awakeness in a World of Duality…
   Chapter 5: Always and Already Awake…
   Chapter 6: Letting Life Live…
   Chapter 7: Our Conditioning and how it Clears Itself…

  Chapter 8: Identity and Self Centered Living…
  Chapter 9: Conditioning in Relationships…
  Chapter 10: Conditioning in Spirituality…
  Chapter 11: Mind as Servant…

  Chapter 12: Believing your Thoughts…
  Chapter 13: Referencing Other People for Reality…
  Chapter 14: Reclaiming Lost Parts of Ourselves…
  Chapter 15: Adopting the Whole Process into the Separate Identity…
  Chapter 16: Choosing Truth over Comfort…
  Chapter 17: Mind’s Basic Control Strategy…
  Chapter 18: Nowhere to Stand…

  Chapter 19: Ending and Beginning, All At Once…
  Chapter 20: Completion and Incompletion Enjoying Each Other…

  Chapter 21: Love as the One that is Everywhere…
  Chapter 22: Love Beyond Reason…

End Notes
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life beyond belief, everyday living as spiritual practice

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