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The Most Amazing Things

Getting oriented: seeing where we are

Identity Switch-a personal and universal story

A New Navigation Method for Life

Inspiration from many voices and traditions

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Waking up to Peace

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Alice's Books

2012 book:
Finding Our Way Forward, New Perspectives on Our Evolving Human Potential

2008 book by Alice Gardner: Life Beyond Belief, Everyday Living as Spiritual Practice

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Links to Explore

Eckhart Tolle's website: www.eckharttolle.com

Adyashanti's website: www.adyashanti.org

Women at the Edge of Evolution: womenontheedgeofevolution.com

Awakening Women Institute: (Chameli Ardaugh) www.awakeningwomen.com

Jean Houston: www.jeanhouston.org

Foundation for Conscious Evolution: (Barbara Marx Hubbard's organization): www.barbaramarxhubbard.com

Integrative Spirituality: www.integrativespirituality.org

The Shift (a movie): theshiftmovie.com

Ramana Maharshi: www.ramana-maharshi.org/ or
for Ramana and "others at ease"

The Dalai Lama's website: www.dalailama.com

Tony Parsons website: www.theopensecret.com

Jan Kersschott: http://users.skynet.be/inspiration/nobodyhome/

Chuck Hillig: www.chuckhillig.com

'Sailor' Bob: http://members.iinet.net.au/~adamson7/

Catherine Ingram's website: www.geocities.com/~cathing/

Nisargadatta quotes: www.mpeters.de/nisargadatta/index.cfm
Keep refreshing this page and see a new quote each time.

Nathan Gill: www.nathangill.com a gardener in England

Leo Hartong: www.awakeningtothedream.com in the Netherlands I think

The Wanderling: www.angelfire.com/electronic/bodhidharma/modern-era.html

Katie Davis' website: www.katiedavis.org

Kirtana's website (wonderful music): www.kirtana.com

Karen McPhee: www.livingnow.ca/

Arjuna and Chameli Ardagh, The Living Essence Center:

Pamela Wilson: http://www.pamelasatsang.com/

Brian Qara: www.theopenflame.org/

Nirmala: www.endless-satsang.com

Joan Tollifson: www.joantollifson.com

Byron Katie: www.thework.org

Francis Lucille: www.francislucille.com

Joseph Goldstein, The Insight Meditation Society
Click Here.

Neelam: www.neelam.org

Pamela Wilson: www.pamelasatsang.com

Lama Surya Das: www.surya.org

Dasarath: www.letwisdomwork.com

Stewart Schwartz: www.satsangwith stuart.com

Burt Harding: http://members.shaw.ca/burtharding/

Jim Dreaver: http://www.jimdreaver.com

Nurturing the Now

Loch Kelly: http://www.lochkelly.org  Loch is teaching mostly in New York City now and comes with my personal recommendation.

Elysha (in New Zealand): www.elysha.org

Final Dialogue:Wolfgang Bernard's platonic dialogue style e-mail teaching based on the principles of nonduality common to Advaita Vedanta, Zen, and Sufism.

Mark David Gerson: Inspiration and Sacred Sound to Awaken your Divine Potential

Scott Kiloby: www.kiloby.com

Eric Putkonen: www.awaken2life.org

Nigel Watts (UK): sunshinefoundation 

Jeff Foster: lifewithoutacentre.com

Barbara Sinor: www.drsinor.com (therapist with expertise in addiction issues)

Links to Resources

This is a calendar of satsang meetings that are being held at an given time, by many people, sortable by location or date. Click here

From the Unreal to the Real-the Spiritual path of Advaita. Click here

The Association of Happiness for All Mankind
A spiritual training center in Asheboro, NC and in South India, presenting Sri Ramana Maharshi's pure teaching, particularly his conscious process of self inquiry. http://www.aham.com

EVOLVE - A Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard)
Click here

The Sacred Catalog: Books, Art & more

The non-duality salon is at http://www.nonduality.com/ and has lots of interesting links on it and is a treasure trove of Advaita everything.

Inspired Events of Maryland





Personal Development - Tools for Transformation
Resources for personal development and transformation of body, mind and spirit. Includes the online book Transforming the Mind and many worthwhile free downloads. 

Resources that help you do things in an awake way, like earn a living, or public speaking or whatever.

Speaking Circles started by Lee Glickstein are something interesting to check out to see if they exist in your community. He has also written a book about this method of public speaking, which is very much about being authentically youself.
Check out Be Heard Now at AmazonSpiritual Awakening


Molly Gorden runs a coaching business called "Authentic Promotion" that specializes in helping small business people to promote themselves in authentic ways and stay true to themselves through the process of being successful in business. She has a lot of free articles on the subject on her site.   She is at http://authenticpromotion.com

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Spirit And Sky - The Spiritual Knowledge Repository  




The Open Directory Project

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Self Help Zone

All Things Spiritual


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